Guess Who Young Thug Made Get Naked Recently…


Young Thug didn’t appear to have any clothing on in the recently-released cover art for his forthcoming debut album Carter 6…and that’s because he was most certainly naked!

Complex spoke with the photographer of the cover, Sandy Kim, and she revealed that not only was Thugger fully nude for the shoot, but she was too! Uh, whet?

When Sandy suggested he’d lose the clothing, Thugger’s initial response was, “F*ck no, I’m not getting naked, you get naked!” And because she believed in the art so much – naked she got! (Sandy’s a pretty girl, too….wonder if anything happened afterward?! I kid, I kid – I’m sure she kept it professional.)

On the concept:

[I] wasn’t involved that much on the graphics side but they did send everything to me to sign off on. I think you are meant to [infer] phallic imagery, definitely. A lot of the concept was from Thug. If he didn’t have something like this in mind I don’t think they would’ve reached out to me.

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