NBA: Kobe Bryant And Hublot Continue Their Partnership


Kobe Bryant has been a brand ambassador with Hublot for some time now and they have recently continued to grow their relationship. Hublot has created their second piece that is modeled after the great Kobe Bryant. Click more to read the full story!

After already having an established relationship, Hublot followed up with their 2013 Kobe inspired timepiece–the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph–and have recently developed the new piece that is coined the Big Bang UNICO Chronograph Retrograde Kobe “Vino” Bryant. This watch happens to be the world’s first watch that is solely made to clock basketball.

Every aspect of the watch is meant to reflect Kobe’s on and off court style. The Big Bang Vino can be purchased in two color designs, the King Gold and Ceramic. The general style, though, happens to speak volumes to the sport of basketball and is actually designed to track the time of two halves of basketball.

Kobe having ties to Italian culture and his game progressing over their years like wine getting better with time, he was given the nick name “Vino” and the designers at Hublot decided to run with this idea. The dial of the watch mocks a basketball and it is set in a deep Burgundy color–like the straps of the watch. The packaging of the Big Bang Vino even mimics the packaging of a case of wine. Hublot definitely went all out with the design and customization that was done for Kobe.

Kobe commented on the correlation between the watch and the reflection of his life, “If you look at it, it’s all about a process. In making wine there is a certain process that goes along with it…a certain patience that you have to have, which is the same as watchmaking; which is also the same thing as how I’ve built my game,” and he agrees that the watch is a perfect representation of him. I would think Hublot made no errors if they modeled a watch after me too!

Despite Kobe and the Lakers falling out of the contention early this year, Kobe is definitely making some great moves off the court and it will be interesting to watch how is relationship with Hublot develops as he gets closer to the end of his career.


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