Former WR Titus Young Sentenced to 1 Year in Mental Health Facility & 5 Years Probation


Former NFL wide receiver Titus Young was going through a myriad of legal issues due to a DUI, burglaries, and numerous assaults.  It was clear that he needed mental help and now he will get some.  Young is getting one year of probation for each person he attacked during a 2 month rampage at a mental health facility.

According to TMZ Sports, Young was sentenced Tuesday in L.A. for the five batteries he committed last year at Augustus Hawkins Mental Health Facility. Young attacked his attorney, along with four other patients.

In addition to the five years of probation, Titus must remain at a mental health facility — not Augustus Hawkins — for the next year. He was given credit for 99 days served.

As I previously reported, doctors believe football hits caused some of Young’s mental issues. He’s been getting treatment in the same San Diego facility where he will serve his one year sentence.

Hopefully he’s able to really get the mental help he needs.  Football hits have also been blamed for causing CTE in football players.  The chronic traumatic encephalopathy has been found in many cases, causing them to have several mental issues and is even blamed for several of their suicides, most notably Jovan Belcher who shot killed his girlfriend before killing himself and Junior Seau who also committed suicide.

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