Garnett Says Steph Curry Is Like Jordan “A Whole Other Thing”

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Let’s be clear here. Kevin Garnett is from Chicago and grew up there during Jordan’s best years in the league. He is in no way comparing MJ to someone like Steph Curry but the fact we are at a point where they are being mentioned together is just beyond crazy to me.


I get it. The Warriors are 10-0 and on a roll. I know they are winning games by 17 points per game and making it look easy. I know Steph is knocking down shots from all over the world and embarrassing defenders while doing so. With all that said, am I the only one with a brain who realizes we have only played TEN games this NBA season??

The Warriors have played four of their ten games against teams who didn’t even make the playoffs last year. Out of the six remaining games, FOUR have been against the Pelicans and Grizzlies, two teams that look like they are going to struggle this year. So in actuality, the Warriors have only played against two teams that would be considered good, in the Rockets and Clippers. They have been favored to win all of these games so the fact they are 10-0 is not as big of an accomplishment as it may seem to the casual, bandwagon fan.

Seeing the teams they have played, is it also any real surprise Steph is going off? He isn’t exactly going against any good defensive teams. Not that if he did it would change much, he would still get his shots off but all those highlight reel shots and dribbling is not going to continue to happen. You know we are getting out of hand when networks like ESPN are putting up graphics comparing Steph to Jordan. We are talking about TEN games here, TEN!!

Kevin Garnett decided he too needed to mention both players in the same breath, although it wasn’t with the same blasphemous intentions as ESPN and some other crazy folk out here.

“Like Michael Jordan was a whole other thing, this guy is his own thing,” Garnett said, via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “It’s beautiful for basketball.”

I agree with Garnett. The way Curry can shoot and entertain is definitely good for the league. None of my comments are an indictment on Steph. He isn’t the one saying all this nonsense, the media is. I know he is great but there are players still currently in the league that have done more to deserve comparisons to MJ, more specifically Kobe & Lebron. The difference between those two greats and Steph is their resume is much longer and full of more accomplishments but in the era of everything being about now, now, now, people forget just how great Lebron was during the Finals. People forget it was barely two seasons ago that Kevin Durant was the MVP. Hell, his own peers even thought James Harden deserved the MVP award last year and that’s saying something. Steph is great and I can assume will only get better but he has limitations to his game. He can’t play defense at all. He also can’t get to the rim when he wants, despite having a good handle. Again, none of this is a knock on him because the things he does well he does better than anyone in the league but we need to wait many more years before we keep throwing his name around with the likes of the GOAT! Six rings, multiple MVP awards, multiple scoring titles, clutch shots like you wouldn’t believe. Just stop the comparisons now!



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