Feature Artist – Ca$ino Roulette

In June of 2018, Ca$ino Roulette was involved in a near-fatal car crash in Miami with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star and rapper Lil Scrappy. Ca$ino came out alive, but with a list of major injuries that ranged from ruptures to his bowels; two separations in his large intestine; four cracked ribs; severe liver damage; lung contusions; neck and back injuries, and a concussion. He had to undergo two major surgeries; spend day in a drug-induced coma, and stay in the hospital for a week to recuperate. The artist’s odyssey did not end there, and the scars the accident left him with still feel fresh, as he recently shared with TMZ. Post-hospitalization, Ca$ino had to have months of therapy to learn how to walk again with the injuries he sustained during the accident, as well as undergo mental health evaluations to gain coping mechanisms for dealing with the emotional impact the event has had on his psyche. It was during these therapy sessions that Ca$ino was diagnosed with PTSD. Five years prior to his car accident, Ca$ino was shot six times at close range while sitting in his car during an attempted robbery. “After learning how to cope with my thoughts and dreams, which usually turns into nightmares, I decided to put it all into a song to help others who may be suffering from the same thing as myself” said Ca$ino. 

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