Interview With DJ Slava Sid From Russia

KM – How long have you been DJing?

Slava – Probably it can be said that since 1996 when I spent school discos playing tapes on a simple player. Then I grew up, learned to play on professional equipment, worked in a variety of bars, cafes, nightclubs and parties.
It turns out 23 years

KM – What type of music do you like to play?

Slava – Basically it is a house in its various directions, deep house, disco house and so on. In general, I am a music lover, there are wonderful things in any direction of music

KM – What’s two of your favorite artists?

 Slava – Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury

KM – Do you DJ in clubs or radio station?

Slava – Im a club DJ

KM – How is it DJing in Russia?

Slava – I think that DJing in Russia is more complicated than for example in Europe or America, we have people in clubs listen to most commercial pop music that they heard on the radio, so something more intelligent will be harder to play

KM – Are your family and friends supportive?

Slava – of course they support, friends often come to parties where I play, I think that is the case with all DJs in any country of the world

KM – Tell the people something they don’t know about you. 

Slava – I am a former military officer of the reserve of the Russian Army, now I have my own small business in Russia, and music is an integral part of my life

KM – Give the people your social media so they can follow you

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