Someone Recorded Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” On The Low

NEW YORK, NY – Fans of Kanye West expected to hear ‘Ye’s ninth studio Jesus Is King on Friday (September 27). Par for the course, the project failed to materialize on its scheduled release date.

Then, Kim Kardashian assured people the album would arrive on Sunday (September 29) in one of her Instagram Stories. Once again, it never surfaced. But during ‘Ye’s listening party in New York City over the weekend, somebody recorded the entire project and put in on YouTube.

According to Chicago music industry insider and Valee’s manager Andrew Barber, this album marks a pivotal moment ‘Ye’s career.

On Saturday (September 28), Barber tweeted Kanye plans to abandon secular music for good and will now put all of his energy into making spiritual music.

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