NBA: Meek Mill Attends Sixers/Cavs Game & Gets Asked About Drake During Courtside Interview


Meek Mill has been taking as many losses as his hometown Philadelphia 76ers.  The Philly rapper was in the building as the Sixers took on the Cleveland Cavaliers.  CSN’s Molly Sullivan did a courtside interview with Meek and of course asked him about the Toronto rapper he’s now eternally tied to, Drake.
“Drake’s a Toronto guy,” the reporter said. “What’s your message to him with your hometown Sixers here looking good against the Cavs?”
Meek didn’t bite the bait however and kept the focus on the team.
“I’m riding with Philly,” Meek said. “You know, Philly’s riding with me, so I’m riding with the Sixers to the fullest. You know what time it is. I’m rockin’ out till the end—no matter how the season goes.”

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