Nazzar Davis- Entertainer of the Month

Menasheh Davis Also known as “Nazzar Davis” Growing up in a single parent home and the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters. Born PA/Philadelphia currently  serving in the heart of Charlotte, NC ( Queen City ).

Raise in the church home but growing up poor and looking for food and money to help his mother pay the bills. Felt alone and never was able to get right in school and wanted to commit suicide. But growing in a church home for the love of music and dance Nazzar knew about God but never gave Him the time of day to be apart of his life.

Hip- Hop music and Dancing was a gift he use to exscape and in different talent shows was getting love from females, friends and all other sexual desires. He still felt alone and empty until at 14 years old God spoke to him and said ” I Haven’t Forgot About You”. Drop down to his knees and asking the Lord for forgiveness.

Never thought in a day He would use his gift to praise God in all His ways. Heard a song from Canton Jones “My Walk”. First Christian rap song and Nazzar develop his skills into rapping and realize God has always been with him and his family for years and took him 22 years to finally understand it was never about me, the women. It all about God.

Nazzar Davis is currently working on his new MIXTAPE & will sharing Truth, Love & Faith in All that He does to keep moving forward.

Instagram: NazzarDavis

Facebook: Nazzar Davis

Twitter: Nazzar93


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