Model of the Month – Amber Anderson (August 2016)


Greetings from Mississippi’s capital city of Jackson! My name is Amber Anderson, an aspiring model with 10+ years of modeling and fashion experience. I began modeling at the young age of eight years old where I signed with Jodi Models under the direction of Diane Singleton. Jodi Models have participated and hosted many shows and events across the state of Mississippi and have worked with a number of local photographers and talented artists. I am currently still signed with Jodi Models and is looking forward to lead the squad further into greatness. During 2010, I signed up for Modeling & Acting classes with the Barbizon Modeling Agency which I still read their books today to help me with my present-day modeling. Starting from 2010-2012 I did participate and was a modeling of my high school (Jim Hill High School) Modeling Squad where we were known everywhere and still are popular to this day. Upon entering Tougaloo College in 2013, I took a two-year break from modeling to focus on my grades. I did participate in small fashions shows such as the Freshman Fashion Show and Greek Special Fashion Extravaganza. During October 2015 I decided that it was time for me to get back to modeling and a great start was a Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Expo located in the downtown area of Jackson which attracted a huge audience. Immediately, the next month I received a message from The Konnected Models on twitter. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina and I reviewed their website and loved everything about what they were doing in their area. I did accept an agreement and signed to be one of their models and I was featured on their website. Signing with them was one of the best moments of my life. During December 2015, I started doing portrait modeling with the famous William Hawkins Photography where I have many great shots. I totally love his work, he has worked with models all over the country. At Tougaloo College during January 2016 I was promoted to director of the Tougaloo Exquisite Modeling Squad at my institution where I conducted an amazing Homecoming Fashion Show that the students still brag about to the day and appreciate all of my unique ideas. I am still a director for the modeling squad and currently working on my own modeling squad called DNA Modeling Incorporated where we will have our name in lights someday and hopefully coming to a city near you!




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