Entertainer of the Month – MKilla (August 2016)


Ricky, known as MKilla who now goes by M.K is from the streets of Charlotte, NC. He has been rapping since 9 music, looking up to crews like 8 Ball & MJG, Run DMC, UGK, NWA, Goodie Mobb, Outkast, Roots, Ghetto Boyz ect. He was a music head who loved great music, but there was no one who could hold a candle next to Pac (not in MK’s eyes). He was birthed by Ricky Sr and Bridget, but raised by his mother and the streets. Lacking a true family (because his father wasn’t a permanent fixture) he embraced the streets all over Charlotte and felt a sense of love. That delusional love the streets gave and the real love he revealed only landed him in and out of detention centers, training school, jail to prison! And it was a game, up until a 10 year sentence was issued for kid napping and robbery! During the bid he had witnessed first hand police brutality, he had witnessed house niggers, he had witnessed racism. He had witnessed a dark place in which he rebelled and orchestrated riots to oppose the actions of oppressors! He loved the power of unity and the feeling of oneness (1 love for a cause…PEACE).
Yes indeed, he did act as a wild animal for 5 of the 10 years, but once he found himself the hole was the only place the oppressors wanted him place. With that being said, what prison thought they broke, you only rebuilt (him eyes open master lol). Since being released July 16th, 2013 he has got married, had a son,feed & clothed over 100 homeless, attended black lives matter movements, participated in Kevan Glover’s Hoop’s 4 A Cause dropped a album Black Brotherhood “Betrayal” in 2015, just dropped a single M.Killa “Black Lives Matter” and has his own label (Legendz Never Breed Haterz). All that’s in his raps was or is his life story. Check out his videos on YouTube MKilla.

Be on the look out for his new album “WAR” dropping this year!

He’d like to shout out The Almighty first and foremost, Mrs.Jones (1st lady), sons & daughters, M.Pezzy, LB,Dre,Lamont,Tim,Tron, Math, Rail, Boogie, Shay, Woods, Felicia, the whole Truesdale family, the Brown’s, the Jones, the family in Legendz Never Breed Haterz & Friends Who Like Black Brotherhood Facebook groups. Big O, Tray Pound,Sapp,Yah Yah Wilmo Slim all the true Brothaz &Sistaz behind the wall!The Konnected staff & big brother Kevan Glover who has been solid since day 1.
Facebook MKilla Jones, IG @lnbh1, Google Plus Mkilla,  Twitter  @MKillaJones

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