The Konnected Magazine Interview With Carolina Blacc

Carolina Blacc

KM- How was life growing up in Charlotte?
CB- My life was decent. I grew on west side of town. Where  my childhood was cut early by the fast decision I had made. Throughout the journeys I have learned your own steps are better than following others.
KM- Now that you have kids, what the biggest thing you taught them to avoid that you did as a child?
CB- Always told them avoid streets. Believe in yourself. Go hard for what you believe in. Be a leader and not follower.
KM- Who are some artists that have influenced your music career?
CB- Quincy Jones, Master P, Kanye West, Eminem & Russell Simmons
KM- What made you start your own label?
CB- With the vision that I have.I felt why give away vision, I can own my everything I felt that was impossible.
KM- What do you feel you bring different than another artists trying to make it?
CB- Everything I rap and talk about on live interviews I have done actually everything. I do not make music for fame. I do it to put people in position to help the next person. Even if its mentally or emotional.
KM- Do you feel it’s had being that your an artist and CEO of your label?
CB- Yes, Being the CEO I have make sure that every move is the best  move. Sometime being artist you may want to run wild. I have remember what would CEO say…lol
KM- What are some of your future endeavors because we see you’re more than a artist?
CB- My upcoming adventure is my clothing line. That would specializing in mix of urban and casual apparel. Along that management firm for any form business called HANDS ON HANDS.
KM- You have a quote “THE PEOPLE YOU STARTED WITH MAY NOT BE ONES YOU FINISH WITH”. What does that mean to you?
CB- Everyone vision is not the same. Even if they started at the same place. Doesn’t  mean they going to have the same destination.
KM- Where can people go to follow your movement?
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