Young Thug Says He Wants To Battle The Game

During his recent sit-down with ‘Sway In The Morning’, Atlanta rapper Young Thug revealed that he would battle The Game on a joint record. After opening up about his past beef with Plies saying he would “slap the shit out of him”, Thugger moved on to another one of his beefs from 2015 with Compton rapper The Game.

The two had a war of words over Instagram when The Game sided with Lil Wayne after Young Thug was named in the Weezy’s tour bus shooting. However, unlike his feelings towards Plies, Young Thug said he would put his beef with The Game to the side with a rap battle.

He explained the difference between his beef with Plies and The Game to Sway saying;

“I don’t understand how you can call a little girl the b-word too many times,” Young Thug said. “I might slap the shit out that man when I see him…Niggas gotta understand. Even Game, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I see him. You gotta understand, you can’t look at no pictures and look at the media and the critics and what they saying on no internet…I’ll battle with Game. I won’t battle with Plies. I’ll make a million songs with Game because we never really had a real problem. Me and Wayne had something going on. We never had nothing going on, but he thought we had something going on. So, he felt like that was his friend. So, he just wanted to be like a L.A. nigga.”

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