Respect My Pen

Check out our newest mixtape featuring artists from all of the United States.

[cpm-player skin=”classic-skin” width=”100%” playlist=”true” type=”audio”] [cpm-item file=”″]Fred the Godson ft. Jaquae – Another Brick Please[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]2nd Generation Wu Ft: Method Man – New Generation [Remix][/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Prophet of the Streets – Levels[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Kid Cudi – Leader Of The Delinquents[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Du$k BoneZ – Petro[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Legend Status – Cream of The Crop[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Young Sauce Da God Ft Hot Hand – Ride Wit Me[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Lil-Spook ft. Maniaclilal – Visions[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Qwintis Sential – Come See About Me[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Young Scorpion ft. Yung Savage – Live Love Dope[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Sho G ft. Luckbone & YL – Bagg Talk[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Phelony – Stick & Stones[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Apocalypse – Untouchable[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]D.U.V – Skrape Music[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]Catt Daddy – What U Drankin'[/cpm-item] [/cpm-player]

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