Obama Blasts Fox News Viewers

“You are living on a different planet” 

Former POTUS Barack Obama resurfaced Friday, January 12, and took a shot at Fox news viewers stating that the “live on another planet” compared to consumers who view other sources of mainstream media. Obama made the remarks on the premier of the new Netflix series “My next guest need no introduction with David Letterman”

On the show Letterman asked Obama what he considers the more dangerous threat to a democracy, the president demeaning the press or a foreign power sabotaging the voting process. Both questions were clear shots at current POTUS Donald Trump, but Obama didn’t mention the presidents name when answering:



“One of the biggest challenges we have to our democracy is the degree to which we don’t share the same baseline of facts.” and also “If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you were listening to NPR”


Obama is known for his many shots against the huge network, but his response on January 12, 2018 was his first since he left the White House.  Obamas response got a huge round of applause from the crowd at City College of New York. Obama’s comment goes to show that the battle between the white house and media is never ending.

During his presidency, Obama went as far as saying that Fox news were purposefully “attacking” his administration. Donald Trump is known for verbally attacking media and categorizing CNN as a  “Fake news” channel.


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