Model Bombshell Berda (Core Model)

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Bombshell Berda is a curvy model with a strong personality. The name says it all about who i am because everything I do, I do with a Bang Lol. I have been traveling very often, but I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisocnsin. I was raised by my mother and father for as long as I been living I been in my city. The thing that made me to start modeling was me finally realizing who I am as a person. I use to be very insecure as a young black woman with my skin complexion being so dark. I grew to love the color of my skin, and wanted to show other women that the things you consider flaws, can be your strongest point. Confidence is everything, and I am here to be that example to those that boost of encouragement.

My inspiration is African Super Model Alek Wek. Like her I wanted to learn to embrace and appreciate my dark skin. That if she can do it, then I can do it too. Aspiring artist PBG pushes me to keep going even when I feel like giving up sometimes. Another inspiration is my city Milwaukee,WI. Coming from this area i want the women there to know that it is not impossible to make your dreams come true. It is up to you to make it all a reality. With hard work, dedication, faith and inspiration, it can be done.

I believed it is OK to do nude modeling, as long it is modest and can be done in a tasteful way. You can show off your curves and insinuate the body without exposing your private areas. You have to leave something to the imagination lol. Working with other models in the industry is something i am very open to. As far as artist I would like to work with so many, but Rico Love, K Camp Wave Chapelle specifically with them being from my home town. Also i wouldn’t mind doing some acting, so one day i hope to work with Tyler Perry . I wouldn’t mind working with Scrillex or Miley Cyrus, in other words I’m very versatile and open to working with people even if what we do our opposite. Pursuing with my modeling is what I enjoy, and will continue to do so. Also I have a passion for being in the medical field , and would want to be a person that can help other people. I have graduated with honors in receiving my Medical Assistant certificate. The word “Model” is originated from the term “Role Model” and a beautiful person with a positive mindset is who i want the people to see, the real me the goofy but serious when need to be me lol. I am a very down to earth person to talk to. Something that my supporters don’t know about me is that I like to freestyle rap to instrumentals and keep them in my head. I also like to choreograph dances on my down time. I am a helpful person and will help others whenever I can. When it comes to music, I really don’t have a preference. Whatever seems to draw my attention, is what I will listen to. From celebrity artist to new upcoming and inspiring artist, I listen to it all. All music has a message , and everyone has a chance to be heard.

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