Megan Thee Stallion Sues 1501 Entertainment, Allowed to Drop Music

According to TMZ, Megan Thee Stallion has sued her record label, 1501 Entertainment and a district judge in Harris County Texas has granted Meg with a temporary restraining order which will allow the Texan to drop new music on Friday. TMZ writes, “the deal calls for 1501 to get 60% of her recording income. The remaining 40% goes to her, but she has to use that to pay engineers, mixers and featured artists who work on the songs.” 

The lawsuit claims her contract states that all proceeds from touring and live proceeds go to the label and that the 1501 Entertainment should provide her with proper accounting of what she’s owed but says the information provided was “purposefully and deceptively vague.” 

MTS is suing Carl Crawford and 1501 Certified Entertainment for at least $1 million in damages. 

Original 03/02/2020 12:04pm:

Coming off of a hot debut in 2019, Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram to address why she hasn’t put out new music. She revealed that her label, 1501, isn’t allowing her to drop anything new because she recently asked them to renegotiate a contract that she signed when she was younger. 

Megan explained that she was around 20-years-old when she signed to 1501, and she wasn’t aware of some points in the contract until Roc Nation questioned her about them. When Megan went to 1501 to renegotiate, she claims that “things went left,” and now they are stopping her from releasing anything, which she thinks is greedy. You can listen to her full statement above. 

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