Lyrica Anderson, A force to be reckoned with


Singer/Songwriter Lyrica Anderson has been turning heads with her Remix to Drake’s If you’re reading this its too late. Lyrica Anderson’s sultry voice is something fresh for the new generation of R&B. For all the R&B heads out there appreciate the pure talent of this young lady. This girl is something serious, someone the world is going to have to watch out for considering she has written songs for acts such as, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, And Tinashe to name a few.


Lyrica has been putting in hella work and it showing, so big ups to her…we see you, it is NOT going unnoticed. She definitely did Drake’s Album Justice with her Remixes. If you haven’t check it out you will NOT be disappointed. Want to personally wish Miss Anderson the best of luck in all she does. If you haven’t yet go cop her latest single Hashtag and check out her EP King me 2  

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Signing out…Deezy

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