Keep it Locd

It’s interesting what you have to lose to gain.

And it’s interesting how we so easily overlook our health in the drive to move forward, becoming what is considered successful. Now more than ever, we must take heed to the wisdom of the story of Madame CJ Walker, incapsulated in the vision of executive producer Lebrun James, Octavia Spencer and many more great minds.

After watching the pilot series, there are only a few things that stand out to me as common threads between motivated entrepreneurs.

-relationships suffers

-self care suffers

-envy of others act as milestones

-they stay focused on the vision (your vision)

-they don’t let struggle hold them back

-they get locked into what matters

-“we have got to stop fighting over things that don’t matter “

There is no better time than now to focus on your passion, your gift. Remember, on this journey you must tend to your body. Tend to your heart.  Stop allowing empty desires to run your choices. We have to be Strategic. Specific. Persistent. Resilient.

Keep it Locd

Shanae Levine

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