Just Sit Back and Let Dolly Parton Be the Inspiration She Was Born to Be

Day 3 - Glastonbury Festival

Do you ever just look at Dolly Parton and find yourself in such a state of awe that such a lovely, magnificent person exists in this world? If not, then there just may be something desperately wrong with your soul … but if so, then you’re so right. She’s just so incredibly delightful, and since she’s had such a long, wonderful career, she’s got some great advice to give too:

“I’m not one to give advice, because I never wanted anyone to give me advice. If someone comes to me, I say, ‘What I did was this, but I’m not you.’ It’s different for each person. But there are some golden rules in life. Be true to yourself. You need to know what you will and won’t put up with, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. A desire, a wish and a dream are different things, and you’ve gotta figure out those little differences. Everybody wishes that they were rich or famous, but that’s not necessarily going to happen if you don’t have the spunk to make it happen. You gotta work your dreams; you gotta put legs and arms and arms and wings on them!”

And she’s not afraid to let us in on how she’s been so successful:

“The key to my success has always been that my desire to succeed has always been greater than my fear. I‘ve been scared to death about a lot of things, but then I think, ‘Okay, you gotta buckle up, girl. You’ve got yourself here, so get out there and just do it.’ And I just ask God to help me, and I follow that light.”

But seriously, she’s very wise:

“I think that little Taylor Swift has just done amazing. She knew exactly who she was, she had her dream, and she stuck with it. That’s what you gotta do. I’m just so proud of her.”

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