Is Iggy Azalea hip hop?




In the midst of all the “Drama” that has been going on with the celebrities i’m sure we all love to hate, such as, Lil wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Tyga, and the Kardashians to name of few. The real question is, Is Iggy Azalea really hip hop? For some reason this topic has been spreading like widlfire since she won best rap/hiphop album at the American music awards last year (2014) in November beating out rap artist such as Drake and Eminem.  Since then it seems as though Iggy has been in the news for everything BUT her music. Iggy has had beef with numerous artist such as Snoop Dogg & Q-tip. She has definitely been trending on social media sites but none of it has to do with the music.


I am going to give it to you straight up, Iggy is Hip POP. Why do I say Pop, its simple if you listen to her two of her biggest hits, “Fancy” and “Black widow” do you hear hip hop? I think not. Lets be honest here Iggy winning best RAP/HIPHOP album over drake and eminem was absurd to say the least. Hip Hop is not only a style of music, it is also a lifestyle. The hip hop lifestyle is just that, you either know what it is or you don’t there is no in-between. Can Iggy say she really knows that lifestyle? that question is definitely to be determined. Let us wait for her Sophomore album to drop maybe is will be more “Hip Hop” .


Signing off…Deezy

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