Instagram Verification: How To Get Verified in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to validation on Instagram (all social media for that matter), nothing holds more weight in the publics eyes more than the official blue verification check beside your name. Social media influencers and business crave the blue check, as it usually symbolizes importance in the world of social media. Only the most influential businesses and people can receive the check mark beside their name.

Don’t Get Scammed

Social media verification is something that is craved by the average person to the most prestige businesses. Social platforms are home to some of the biggest audiences, that companies have direct access to, in order to create new areas of revenue, quicker than ever. Brands and business can push content in different countries and reach new audiences within a few seconds of clicking a button. Social media is becoming the new way to operate businesses. However, it also makes it easier for scammers to take advantage of these tools as well. When it comes to trust its very hard to build it on the internet. Which is why most businesses and influencers crave the verification check from social media platforms, as this sets them above the bar of their competition.

Due to its power, you can also get scammed. I have seen recently of how many people sell services to “assist” in helping people achieve the verification on Instagram. Most social media verification services absolutely do not work, even if it seems like it your check will disappear within a matter of days. Therefore, go directly to the source. Below I will show what I have come to find out to be true through research.


Step 1: Don’t become an Instagram Influencer

Before you stop reading because I don’t “make sense”, hear me out. Having a smaller following with less visibility will actually give you a higher chance. If your account gains thousands of followers over a lengthy period of time when people are searching for your account, they are able to find it with ease. Therefore, Instagram will place a lower priority on verifying your account.

“We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow” – Instagram

If you are already a well-known Instagram influencer in your niche, Instagram sees your visibility as verified as the community’s knows who you are, therefore your ticket could be processed a little slower.


Step 2: Be Vulnerable for Impersonation

Literally, Instagram states that in order to get verified, you must be at risk of impersonation. The verification badge is not only utilized to better the user experience but to safeguard the reputable brands who are at risk of impersonation.

We have all seen imposter accounts who have done malicious things such as sell fake goods, scam users out of money etc. The badge serves to prevent these acts by allowing the users to recognize Which profiles are authentic.

Other than creating a claim ticket and waiting, I have heard of people utilizing fake profiles and creating a buzz around their name and reporting these accounts to make it seem as though they were in danger of being impersonated. This is easily recognizable as Instagram will utilize IP addresses etc. to locate where this is coming from, I would suggest not to do it.


Step 3: Cross Promotion

One of the strongest signals to Instagram for verifying your account is parallel platforms. When it comes to influencers, one platform just isn’t enough. Having established communities and influence goes a long way in the Instagram verification process because you can send traffic via other websites. Therefore, it is in Instagram’s best interest to verify your account because you should be visible to your preexisting audience.

The way to gain verification from Instagram is to grow your communities on other social platforms, YouTube especially. Gaining notoriety on these platforms will drastically increase your chances of being verified.


Step 4: Be Consistent With Your Activity

An important thing to remember is to stay active on your account. Having a non-active account will destroy your chances of gaining that verification on Instagram.

It’s not an algorithm that decides whether your account is worth of being verified or not. It is actually administrators at Instagram that go through every verification request by hand. That means when they check your Instagram Account they are checking your feed for activity and engagement. If your account isn’t active or receiving high engagement then your account is of little worth to verify.


Step 5: Ask Instagram Directly


Once you gain public notoriety, Instagram has given an in-app feature where you can apply for the verification check directly. There is no news on whether there will be requirements on applying, so as of right now anyone can apply.


Final Thoughts

The Instagram Verification mark is more than just a sign of status. It is an essential tool that allows influencers, brands, and businesses to be authenticated. It also improves the overall user experience as they know who they can trust and who they cant. By following the steps I have listed, you have a much higher chance of receiving the official Instagram verification mark.




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