G-Eazy, Lyrical Genius.


G-Eazy real name Gerald Earl Gillum, is something like a lyrical genuis who was raised in Oakland California, Home of the the Hyphy Movement. Anyone from California knows that the Oakland California is no walk in the park. These things happen was the album that really put G-Eazy on the map, although he has done some underground work (Must Be Nice) he also produces. Lyrically, G-eazy’s message is simple, he tells the listener about his struggle. Sounds cliche right? Now in his case his delivery is something Sincere. Eazy is not another one of these rappers rapping about Cars, Clothes, Bitches, and Money. Although there are a couple bars where he does go in on those topics. Eazy knows how to touch the listener with his catchy punchlines.


Eazy has a very classy swag to himself. From his Haircut to his threads, he has that Bay Area swag. G-Eazy is definitely something the Rap game needs, his word play and his delivery is refreshing. Eazy is a master at what he does, he is underrated to say the least.  If you haven’t yet checked out his album, “These things happen” you will be dissappointed. You have to love his confidence has an independent artist who has really started from the bottom. Much love to Gerald, He is changing the rap game not only for the Bay but for everyone.



Signing off…Deezy


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