French Montana Interview with The Konnected Magazine

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KM – To let our readers get a better feel for what has influenced you; in no specific order could you name a few of your favorite MC’s of all time?

FM – The music that inspired me was gangster rap, a few favorite MC’s are Snoop Dog, Tupac, Scar Face, Biggie Smalls, and a couple of other people.

KM – If you could get a message out loud and clear to the new people trying to rap all over the world… what would it be?

FM – You got to grow thick skin for this shit-[pause].  You just got to understand this shit is not overnight.  You may see a few people who do it over night, but there’s a lot shit that goes behind that.  You got to have enough time and whatever it is to invest in this shit or you might get frustrated and be just a frustrated rapper.

KM – So Diddy takes a lot of backlash for being a rapper and a businessman. Most people say he’s not the right person to sign with.

FM – That man has done so much for music and himself; he’s a billionaire to me, not a rapper. The man is a way well-known BRAND throughout the world. Why wouldn’t I like up with someone like that to help me make millions of dollars? Not to mention, he has a proven track record. It was the best move for me no matter what people were saying. You got to remember every label was trying to sign me, so I’m where I want to be, not because this was my only option.

KM – The South really loves you fam. You’ve done a lot of music with Southern rappers, but you’re from New York.

FM –  I don’t know how everybody else feels about collaborating with southern artists. Most New York artist won’t be able to do songs with Waka or Three 6 Mafia. The music industry is a hustle, and that’s what I do.

KM – We’ve seen a lot of growth in you. Your name was always in some type of beef. What change your mind state?

FM – I don’t want my money to slow down, and that’s what beefing will do to your money.  It’s a lot of things that happen when you start beefing with people. Most people that do business don’t want their name associated with beef.

KM – With all the grinding over the years, all the mixtapes and Cocaine City DVD’s, most people run out of music. How do you stay creative?

FM – Things change all the time from music to fashion, so it’s always something to rap about. It helps when you have the right people around you, like I do. We keep our ear to the streets.

KM – How is it working with Diddy?

FM – It’s a blessing; the man knows music in and out. He can take a regular song, and once he puts his touch on it, the song is a hit. Before you ask, no he doesn’t scream at me like those other artists, we have a good business relationship.

KM – What can we expect from your debut album ‘Excuse My French’?

FM – I’ve been working on everything, man. On the album, I’m just trying to show people why I am the hottest in the streets right now, so you’ll see.

KM – Your lead single ‘Pop That’ features, Ross, Wayne and Drake – any more big features on the album?

FM – Oh yeah, for sure. So far I’ve done something with The Weekend, my brother Max B, the Coke Boyz, MMG and Bad Boy. I’m waiting for Kanye, but maybe because I ain’t signed to him he doesn’t want to do a song with me!

KM – How was the experience of being on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour?

FM –  It was lovely man; shout out to Drake for making something like that happen with no problems. It was a beautiful thing; he is probably the only person who could do something like that. Shout out to Drake – he’s my brother and he showed me a lot of love.

KM – What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in the business, personally?

FM –  My greatest accomplishment in the business is just coming from  another country, not even knowing enough of what’s going on and just coming over here and making something out of nothing, and it’s still growing every year.  Most people would not be able to make that transition. As long as I’m doing better than the last year, I ain’t complaining.

KM – So when can we expect Excuse my French in stores?

FM – Maybe in November, but don’t quote me! Being on tour didn’t give me enough time, but now I am back; I am ready, and I am focused. Trust me, the people will not be disappointed when they get it!


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