Flo Milli Speaks On The Importance Of Voting

The 20-year-old femcee was born in Mobile, Alabama and began rapping when she was just 11 years old. She debuted her first track “Beef FloMix” on Soundcloud, which quickly made it’s way to TikTok. Making Flo Milli a viral sensation with over 53 million plays of the track on Spotify alone.

Named after her dynamic Flo, Flo Milli recently dropped her debut project “Ho, Why Is You Here” & has garnered support from other femcees like City Girls, Mulatto, and Cardi B.

Hip Hop Weekly had the opportunity to check in with Flo Milli where she shared her thoughts on the importance of voting on November 3rd.

“Well they could look at what we went through this year and really decided if they want to go through that again for another four years. However, I will definitely tell people my age to go out and vote. Don’t take this lightly because this is our livelihood. This is our future!”

Flo Milli will be featured in the show’s cypher and is also nominated for Best New Hip Hop Artist at this year’s Hip Hop Awards airing October 27th on Bet.

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