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Fenra Almighty

KM – Let our readers know where you’re from.

FA – Where I’m from? Man, I have roots all over the US. From east coast to west coast but, the only place I can actually call home is Virginia. Originally, I’m from Woodbridge, VA, that’s my hometown and that’s where my heart is; but, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I moved to Fredericksburg sometime between 2006 to 2007 with some family members.

KM – Being from Virginia how was it growing up in Fredericksburg?

FA – Fredericksburg was mad different from being in Woodbridge. Fredericksburg is sectioned off like you have majority being suburbs, a couple of rural areas, and a small part of it that is considered the “hood”. For me, I went from the hood to the suburbs once I moved down here and it was weird from me. I was different from all the other kids that where around the neighborhood I was living at. I was so use to being around a certain kind of people; that when I came down here I felt like an outsider. I adapted to a lot of my surrounds though. Most of my friends were just like me too. So, that made it easy for me but, you’ll never really get over that feeling of “not belonging”.

KM – We heard you started out doing poetry, what made you start rapping?

FA – One of my homies from back in Woodbridge told me that I should take some of the poems I wrote and put them over some beats. I tried it and it just felt natural. After that, 50 Cent’s movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin” came out and that really inspired me to actually persuade music professionally. I was in the 3rd grade when all of that happened. I didn’t start doing what I’m doing now until the 6th grade when I finally found someone to help me setup and record material.

KM – Did your family support you in pursuing your dream to do music?

FA – They saw it as more of a hobby keeping me out of trouble and a nice way to express myself. It took them awhile to get use to the fact that I want to make music for the rest of my life. They’re my family. They won’t be mad at whatever choices I make; they just want me to happy.  When I started taking music seriously, they took it more seriously and so did everyone else. So in a sense, they did support me because making music is what makes me happy. Feel me?

KM – What does the name Fenra Almighty mean?

FA – I’m really big into mythology. At the time, I was into learning about the Norse Gods, you know like Odin and Thor. I was reading this section about “Ragnarok”. That was this epic battle between the gods. Loki had an son named “Fenrir” and was this monster wolf who tried to kill Odin. You can see where this all went. I like wolves, dope back story, and it’s original. I used to go by “Lyric” but, there’s like 10 thousand other people who go by the name “Lyric”. I needed something original and something I liked. I didn’t want to go by “Fenrir”; that’s hard to pronounce and not catchy enough. I played around with a bunch of different variations of the name and then, BOOM, Fenra was created. I got the “Ra” part from the Egyptian god “Ra”; he’s the god of the sun. Everything adds up when I explain it like this: Fenrir is the god of wolves and wolves love the moon. Ra is the god of the sun. The sun is day (or light) and the moon is night (or darkness). Fenra is the combination of both of these elements and will co-exist in the middle. I have always felt like I’ve been battling with the forces of good (right) and evil (wrong), so, that name fits me perfectly. I just added the “Almighty” part to give the name a god-like statue.

KM – Who where some of the artists who influenced you growing up?

FA – Tupac, OutKast (mostly Andre 3000), Eminem, Wu-tang, 50 Cent Snoop Dogg, Tech N9NE, The Beatles and etc. The list can go on and on. I was lucky enough to live in a house where there wasn’t just one type of music playing. My mom always kept different cultural music and items in the house. I learned a lot from experiencing different things.

KM – What do you bring different to the industry?

FA – I bring my own style and originally into the industry. For a long time, I tried to be like everyone else. Copying flows, doing covers to songs, and even dressing like my idols. Not everyone will openly admit that but, it’s true. Everyone does it and it was time for me to end the game of “Follow the Leader”. For the last couple of years, I think I can say I found myself as an artist. I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and working on my craft. I feel like all I need more is the opportunity to present itself and I will be successful.

KM – Do you have any projects coming out we need to be looking out for?

FA – Right now, I’m working on my album called “ARK”. It’s the first album I will putting out and with this new way of approaching tracks, I feel like I’ll see the results that I need to break into the industry. There isn’t an confirmed release date yet but, sometime in the summer, you can expect this album to be released. There’s just a lot of preparations to do first

KM – Where can someone find your music or follow you on social media?

FA – Here’ how they can follow me:

Official website: www.fenramusic.com

Twitter: @mgwolfgod

Instagram: @misguidedwolfgod

Facebook: www.facebook.com/misguidedwolfgod

Bandcamp: www.fenramusic.bandcamp.com

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