Erick Sermon Hip-Hop Is a No Bruce Jenner Zone … That’s Not Our Culture


Message to any transgender rappers — do NOT follow Bruce Jenner‘s lead, ’cause hip-hop culture’s not ready for that kinda thing … at least according to hip-hop legend Erick Sermon.

We got Sermon — one half of rap pioneers EPMD — in NYC, and when we asked if hip-hop would welcome a transgender performer at this point … he went on a rant.

Sermon said, “They’re taking the culture too far. It’s just too far to be going.”

You’ve gotta watch … it’s a bit puzzling — Sermon criticizes Bruce for the timing of his announcement … then applauds him for potentially helping transgenders who might be suicidal.

As for the whole transgender rapper thing — check out his Michael Sam metaphor.

It’s complicated.

courtesy of TMZ


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