DJ of the Month – DJ Cen City (August 2016)


Dj Cen City birthed in Goldsboro,NC raised on the N.E. side of the District of Columbia has always had his ear to the music scene having a passion and love for HipHop, R&B, Top-40, Go-Go, and EDM giving him the moniker as & WorldFamous Dj Cen City & for his versatility. In 2005 he started djing in local clubs noticing a lucrative market within North Carolina to spin for showcases and open mics for various artist in NC and abroad. Since in the music industry he has made a name for himself being nominated 4x for the Carolina Music Awards “Dj of the Year” 2x for the North Carolina Underground Music Awards “Impact dj of the year” and 2x for the Charlotte Music Awards “Dj of the Year”. Keeping an ear to the street he has always remained alongside North Carolinas up and coming talent. In 2010 he joined promotional company linking artist with shows to promote their material anywhere in the U.S. and internationally. Working with Raplord he began to promote and build brands for such group as “The Collective”. In 2011 he became 1 of 4 djs to incorporate Build Ya Brand Dj’s which is a collective of dj’s consisting of radio, mix-tape, and club dj’s who market and brand various artist! Within this year he began working with LP Models entering the fashion world showcasing his talents at various shows. In that same year he entered the television market with Big Tyme TV spinning records on Time Warner Cable & AT&T networks. In 2012 he began teaching the fundamentals of Djing at Sam Ash Music stores. With the expansion of his brand he was selected to be apart of the Coast 2 Coast Dj franchise enabling him to broaden his reach for marketing himself and others. In 2013-2014 continuing his success Dj Cen City was named the CEO of Center Stage NC/SC, a company based on the branding of individual artist establishing the basics within their craft. In 2014 he entered the Independent film business solidifying a role in the upcoming film "Hurt People Hurt People which will be released in soon via ( Recently Dj Cen City has also delved into the boxing market djing and commentating for "One Hit Promotions ( , entering this market allowed him to also expand his brand networking with a new arena of upcoming talent. Later on in 2015 he began working with dj Work Jams Radio entering the arena of radio broadcasting. In 2016 Dj Cen City started his own company Enhance Enterprise Entertainment LLC catering to artist development branding and marketing.
IG/Facebook/Twitter @djcencity

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