Diddy offers Slim Jesus million dollar deal via twitter post


The buzz being generated by Slim Jesus has the record label A&R’s scrambling to close a deal but get what record label executive took it right to twitter. Made the deal public for all hip hop fans to see by offering a big cash deal to a artist who has only been in the game for 24 hours. The owner of Bad Boy Records Sean “Diddy” Combs has shown some interest in the internet rapper. Posting a twitter which was soon after deleted saying 1 million dollars is waiting on you when you come to Bad Boy Records. Puff Daddy may be a good business man but signing Slim Jesus is a bad deal. The post was deleted right after being posted but thanks to the power of screenshots all post can last forever.

You can view the screenshot of the post below.


Why would Diddy offered Slim Jesus 1 million dollars for a deal? It was 3AM when the post went up maybe the record label owner has been partying all night just talking mess. If Diddy does sign this guy how many hip hop fans will rock with Diddy. Slim Jesus has the internet going crazy maybe Diddy is after his next venture here.


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