Diddy Breaks Down The Levels Of His Entrepreneurship in #WeGotaStoryToTell008

So much here if you’re trying to be a true Entrepreneur, I know Diddy at such a high position and such a staple in Hip Hop catches SO Much bull?, all types of names, I even know someone that I used to work with that calls him the ?…. But with out Puff aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka P. Diddy to Diddy all back to Puff Daddy back to Diddy, the branding master, Hip Hop would not be the Billion Dollar business that it has become, so Business wise he is the Entrepreneur you need to learn from!

So many jewels in this and it’s only the first part, but things like ASAP Ferg’s dad helped Puff in the early night life, Same Gang. Starting from the beginning, Diddy went from College Student/intern to Party Promoter/Nightlife runner to A&R/Label Owner to changing the world and creating an Empire! Here are some e points to watch out for, interning in radio at WBLS, Meeting with Lyor, Stalking Heavy D, Holding Teddy Riley’s keyboard, working with Father MC, running NYC nightlife, getting the deals, tutoring the artists, managing LL Cool J, Remixes being the commercial success for BIG, working with NAS, Mary Vs. Faith, BIG managing him, the industry helping him, first time he met Jlo, relationship with Chris Lighty… and well everything in-between;

The History here is also what you’re used to with this #WeGotaStoryToTell series, and this one does not disappoint.So many gems, the difference between Def Jam and uptown, (Old E vs Champagne?), Redzone in 1990, BIG vibing off Meth’s status, traveling making a difference to him, this line ‘at that time bad boy was a dictatorship not a democracy’, the death row Plaque, Foxy’s Brother Gavin was on “Hate Me Now” with Nas, people not allowing Puff to grieve for BIG at the time, and KNOWING how to spend money correctly and not just make it… clean up or confirming rumors, Funk has dine it again, Great Story!!!Oh and sorry about 51:32 for interrupting but branding is important, #WeGotaStoryToTell


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