Clock in, punch out

As an adult and/or young adult we understand that the workplace is not a place to make friends, it’s a place we go to make money. Most people who make friends at work will sooner or later find themselves in drama. It never fails. Many, like me, come with a different approach which is going to work, do my job and leave. So unproblematic right?

It wasn’t til my recent years, I found that even when you keep the two separate, the drama still finds you. So now you might be wondering how to keep drama away, the real answer is that you can’t control others, therefore, this isn’t something that is out of your hands but remembers someone else’s problem isn’t yours. Normally when a worker has something against you, it’s because you have something they don’t, it can be physical, monetary or, emotional. There’s a word for it and that is jealousy. A jealous co-worker will create minor issues, add a lil lighter fluid, then hide the supplies. The best thing to do is confront whatever issues others may have with you, but in a non-confrontational way, come to an agreement or understanding and then move accordingly. 

Learn to play the game, always be professional but always make sure you have your front back and sides covered. Just remember the one thing they can’t take from you is your Hustle. 

-Carenna Sha’Kir

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