Beyond the Beats Hip-Hop Gala

Beyond the Beats Hip-Hop Gala is an Annual Arts and Culture Celebration of Activities that explore and tackle the subjects of every day life through: Music, Rap and Dance Showcases, Conversations, Battles, Graffiti Art, Video and Documentary screenings, Workshops, Games, Speeches, Language and Poetry Performances. The event aims to develop arts and performance, nurture creativity and explore talent, whilst creating a powerful and realistic platform that allows voices to be heared and offers networking and mentorship opportunities for young people and artists. Beyond the Beats is a grassroot initiative that will enable the local community, artists and collaborators to develop their skills and build on local capacities through connecting, creating and sharing ideas, offering support, exchanging knowledge and building a wide network.

thekonnectedafrica's Africa Hip hop Gala 2016 album on Photobucket

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