Beyhive Chronicles: A U.S. Navy Vet Creates GoFundMe Page To See Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Tour


The things people do for Beyonce is almost insane (well no, it is insane actually). After recently announcing her upcoming Formation Tour, the Beyhive has been buzzing with utter excitement. A U.S. Army Veteran named Rover Bentley is in fact so pressed to see Bey in concert that he launched a Go Fund Me page to raise the money needed for a ticket.

As of now, he has only raised $65 for the cause. Those who donated thanked him for serving our country while others dragged him through the dirt for even having the audacity to create such a page.

I am a United States Navy Veteran. On February 7, 2016 #Beyonce shocked the world with a surprise tour!
I am a SUPERFAN, I have “stood the watch” so that we as a country could have the freedoms of doing and going places here in the US. I am only asking for small donations. I would like to attend Beyonce concert in Atlanta, GA on May 1, 2016… Please make this dream come true. I wrote a check for my life, so Im asking that you help my conquire another life goal.

LAWD.. Somebody buy this man a ticket please!
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