Be On The Lookout For FancyCheska

New York has a lot of hidden jewels in the Big City of Dreams and we are here to introduce you to one of them. Are you ready? Her name is Francesca Altes aka FancyCheska, born in Haiti and grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She has overcome so much adversity in her life and used it as motivation. Her parents stressed the importance of education and that motivated her to become a teacher. While she is educating the next generation in the classroom she is also providing a platform at night for up and coming artists. She always had an enate passion for creating but fell in love with working with artists after she planned a big showcase for a Grammy award winner. After throwing several successful events she and DJ Scripz have decided to start a management company featuring three amazing artists (Shizzoe, Zoe Rosegold and Bugzybugz.In addition her event manager Christopher Andre’ works along side her to make sure her events rub smooth. He was a former Comedian. She is an Entrepreneur, owner, and CEO of Extravagant by Nature. Net Event Planning business and is in the process of launching her hairline ” Hair So Fancy ” Extravagant by Nature. Ent. Setting up venues in Charlotte, Miami, and New York. She strongly believes that the black community needs to work together because we have all the resources within our culture. We see plenty of big things in her future because of her focus and commitment to being great.

Special thanks to guest judges
Lite from “what it Look Lite 
And Sip Saki from Bushwick Radio
“What it look Lite ” show


Winners from "Fancy's Summer Slam" Artist Showcase

1st Place Winner - Zoe Rose Gold

2nd Pace Winners - City Gang AKA City and Shellz

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