50 Cent Files A $75 Million Lawsuit Against Former Lawyers Claiming They’re The Reason For His Bankruptcy


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is more than a comedian and basher of Empire; he’s also a business man. However, like many business men before him (and after), there are some mistakes and misguided advice that taken. While many were under the impression that 50 filed for bankruptcy because he lost a suit to Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, turns out that is not the case. In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday – in the Connecticut bankruptcy court – by 50 against his former attorneys’ law firm, Garvey Schubert Barer, the Effen Vodka mogul claims that the firm misrepresented him in a business deal with Sleek Audio. He’s asking his old attorneys for $75 million.

In the suit, 50 Cent states the following:

Among GSB’s numerous failures was its inexplicable decision not to call technical and damages experts to rebut expert testimony offered by Sleek — failures relied upon by the arbitrator in crediting Sleek’s experts and entering an eight-figure award in Sleek’s favor.

Check here for the complete complaint filed by 50.

GSB spoke out in a statement to Business Insider:

We understand that Mr. Jackson is disappointed in the outcome of Sleek Audio’s arbitration against him. However, Mr. Jackson’s complaint against GSB omits a number of relevant facts and misstates a number of others, and we will respond to the allegations in accordance with the court’s rules. Our attorneys properly counseled Mr. Jackson and his sophisticated team of financial and operational advisors about the transactions and the arbitrations with Sleek. Unfortunately, the arbitrator in the Sleek case found Mr. Jackson responsible for his actions and the actions of those who performed services for him or his companies. We look forward to demonstrating that our attorneys handled the Sleek matters appropriately in all aspects.

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