Big 3 In Charlotte,NC

The BIG3, a professional 3-on-3 basketball league co-founded by musician-turned-actor/director Ice Cube in 2017, returns to Charlotte after a one-year hiatus on Saturday.

Three games will take place at Spectrum Center, featuring five former Charlotte NBA players. Tipoff is set for noon.
What makes the BIG3 different from the NBA, besides the number of players on a half-court, is the level of intensity, Ice Cube said.

“Sometimes it’s even more intense because on 5-on-5, you can kind of hide,” Ice Cube said. “There are so many players, you can find your spots where you’re a specialist, but (in) 3-on-3, you have to have all-around basketball skills. Being just a shooter is not going to help you out here … You got to know how to shoot, dribble, pass, make good decisions, and be able to beat your man.”

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