10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Rich – Perspective

To be rich can mean a multitude of things to different people, my personal definition of being rich is having the financial freedom to achieve whatever goals in life you have set for yourself. What qualifies me to give advice? Not much, I am a great advice giver and I am currently operating a consulting agency, non-profit and a social media marketing company.

Have you ever worked at a job(s) and just felt like they did not understand you? They didn’t know how to properly utilize all that good talent that you have to offer? Felt like the job didn’t promote you fast enough? Felt like you outworked every single person in the building…..but never got any love for it? If so you just may be an entrepreneur waiting to explode.

That was my breaking point. I got so tired of taking orders or utilizing my talents to create someone else’s dreams while living paycheck to paycheck, which prompted me to start my own company. The beginning was rough because I was not mentally prepared. Below are some tips that I utilized that took my company from zero to grossing around $40,000 a month in six months (with just two employees btw):

1.) You Don’t Have a Plan:

You need to have short, mid, and long-term goals. The road to financial freedom is not fun and no one definitely is not trying to give you the blueprint. In order to even have a chance at becoming rich, you must know exactly what you want to do and you plan of how you will execute your plan.

2.) You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund:

My mother uses to always tell me “Spend a dollar, save a dollar”…When I first began I wish I would’ve spent .25 cent and saved $1.75. Life is unpredictable, you never know what unexpected expenses such as a car breaking down, sickness etc. Without having the financial cushion, these things become bothersome, and a lot of us have to become dependent on credit cards, which just wreck shop for everyone’s financial dreams, quickly pigeonholing the poor in debt with high interest rates.

3.) You Haven’t Automated

I know we have all heard, “The only way to become rich is to make money in your sleep.”, well, this is very true. Automation allows for a process to be done without your effort, which in turn allows you to focus on more tasks that will push you towards financial freedom.

4.) You Have No Sense of Urgency

All I have to say is opportunity comes and goes….but that debt you are in stays forever (well at least for seven years). Can you handle seven years not being rich, or at least working towards becoming more financially free than you are now? I couldn’t and I didn’t.

5.) You Don’t Read Enough

Reading is fundamental and some of the worlds most rich people admit to reading an insane amount of books in order to achieve the knowledge they needed to build their massive empire. For example:

Warren Buffet stated that he read 500 pages a day.

Bill Gates: Aims to read 50 books a year.

6.) You Focus On Obstacles and Not Opportunities

Stop looking at the negative in each situation and notice how you can create an opportunity for yourself in each. Its all about perspective.

7.)  You Are Not Focusing on Growing Your Net worth

Often times many of us are stuck only focusing on our working income (income that derives from the amount of work we input into something.). The rich know that you can earn a huge amount of money per hour, but if you don’t know how to keep it (which in turn increases your net worth) then, in the end, you will be broke.

8.) Investing In The Wrong Things

100 dollar bottle at the club? 500 Dollar VIP? 200 dollar Concert Tickets? Everything is an easy purchase and many of us will save up just for these moments. When there is an opportunity to invest in a business mentor or training that could cost you a couple hundred bucks…..*crickets and frogs*. Most of us are not willing to invest in our future, only things that will give instant gratification.

9.) You Don’t Network/Volunteer

You have to be social in the environment that you are trying to prosper in. You want to own a business? Go to business conferences and network, get new ideas from other people, gain contacts or even potential clients.

10.) Early Bird Gets the Worm

While the world is sleep, you will get a lot of task completed without people bothering you. Sticking to this method.


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